The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Initiative – Nigeria

By Denise Nanni
and Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. In the following our interview Agbaje Olatunde
Faliud of the organization TVTAY, The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and
Youthgs wellbeing initiative founded to struggle against poverty and for gender
egalitarism in Nigeria.

How was TVTAY
founded and with what objectives?
 The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and
Youths wellbeing initiative
was founded many years back by a group of
committed graduates and non-graduates. These fellows are youngsters with different
vibrant views to achieve a common goal: “Save
The Poor”
The idea of TV-TAY
Wellbeing Initiative
started back in 2003 with a question that “CAN THE POOR HELP THE POOR?” This
arose while some of the members argued what can they do to assist the governments?
If governments are not doing everything to promote the wellbeing of the
citizens, what can be their own contributions to their immediate society and
society at large?
Because of the monetary challenge being faced by many
of these youngsters, brought the question that “CAN THE POOR HELP THE POOR?” In the glory of this idea, they
thought of what they could do to promote their ideas and concepts so as to be
able to achieve this goal. They concluded holding meetings at eateries because
nobody among them was working even though they were working class to be capable
of renting an office.
In the process of doing this, each and every one
of the members were mandated to submit a name for the organization. Different
members came up with different ideas and views but among all submissions, only
the one submitted by Mr.Oyelana Oluwasegun and Mr. Abdulganiu Idris
were chosen which were merged to form STAYWELL
then: Society for
Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Global Initiative
. Then our activities
were not in-depth and practical enough to seek sponsorship either at local or
international level. But ideas were generated to anchor few community
programmes such as assisting the youths and teenagers by organizing tutorials
and one on one academic pieces of advice.
This continued for over years. Many of the members
were dropping out their flags to show a clear indication that they would not be
able to continue as a result of relocation and some got jobs in a far away
For this idea to materialize I continue with the
concepts attending conferences and seminars whether I could meet those who see
anyone to assist this concept so as to be able to see the light of the day. I
ran from pillar to pillar, seeking assistance from politicos and other
philanthropists but all efforts were in total futility until 2009 when I began
to meet new set of youths and teenagers who believe the concept could work for
general society.
This is how I commenced the struggle with new set
of people among them are Mrs. Salvador
Zainab Abolanle, Jamiu Olanrewaju Hakeem and Tosin Oladeji Kazeem
happen to be among the board of directors. It was after this we were able to
register TVTAY Wellbeing Initiative as
The Voice for Teenagers Adolescents and
Youths Wellbeing Initiative at Corporate Affairs Commissions.
unexpectedly to our surprise the name was rejected at the final stageof
registration because of the word “Voice”which
was antagonized as a registered word. We now came together to re-coin it as “Vision” instead of “Voice”.
Wellbeing Initiative
has anchored many programmes in terms of primary healthcare, education at secondary
and grass-root levels, offer assistance to orphanage homes and hosts of other
activities which can be viewed at social networks such as facebook, twitter and
The major objective of the organization is to
foster assistance to the youths and teenagers for powerful review of their
career goal through scholarship and other grant auxiliaries as well as creating
egalitarianism to assist our female counterparts achieving their educational
goal because of their less privilege feeling in the society.
2. What are the main
issues that youngsters face in Nigeria?
2. Well by and large, lots of issues probably
challenges are faced by many youngsters in Nigeria because of many factors but
will be categorized under twofold which can be aligned with governance and lack
personal orientation of the youths themselves.
Governance as in and of government as
aforementioned has not in any way inspired many youths in Nigeria to exploit their
career goals because of lack of information and education. Let us take a look
at this from educational perspective.
 Look at the
educational monitoring system in the country. Many young female and male students
even to the primary school level indulge in abusive sex buhaha because of lack
of monitoring system.
Many of these students are not properly monitored
by parents and governments to the level that secondary school students indulge
in cultism which makes and diverts their reasonable attentions away from their
career objectives. When the system of education is dilapidating in the country,
it emerges many set back. Many infrastructural knavery cannot be overemphasized.
This means the standard of education is not enjoyable by public school pupils
and students. It is recently Lagos State government is putting many
infrastructures in place for better learning of high school students and
primary school pupils.
Parents are not encouraged by governments to
encourage their children as a result of setback in political, economic and
social issues. Many youths and teenagers are singularly frustrated because of
lack of employment opportunities, high cost of education and low living
standard of these so-called Nigerian youths. Many are used as political rogues
to attack their counterparts because they do not have sustainable means of living
existence. Millions of Nigerian young males cherish money than dignity. Many
marriageable ladies are yet to marry because many young males are shy away from
their responsibilities as a result of lack of determinants. Who are to blame?
Not only governments because youths themselves lack concrete orientations among
The reason is because they allow their problems to
overwhelm them. The have given opportunities to economic balderdash to control
their thoughts. They no longer think straight because everything in the country
seems to be in pandemonium. They are not ready to learn from their past
mistakes and allow politicos to use them as agents of disaster for brutal
killings among themselves.
Until many of these youths realize their career
objective, future and country (Nigeria) are in common goal, believe these three
things have consanguinity to plan a better future for this generation and
generations to come. They will continue to fall victim to pathological politicos
liars. They will not realize their mistakes until they grow old to become
irrelevant to their society. How many politicos have come to address these
youths on the prevailing issues affecting them? If they have, how many times
have they come? If they have, how many times have they used “A” out of “SMART”
as to take action towards their promises to the youths? Loll! But the youths
are not even coming together to address this issue.
Many things are going wrong day and night among
the youths themselves without any one to take the bull the horn to stop or address
it because their brains are in merry-go-round. In a nut shell Nigerian
youngster faces educational challenges, employment disaster and poor leadership
control by political liars which have turned out to make some to become drug
addicts, cultists, political rogues and touts, area boys and street nuisance.
What are the main
activities of TVTAY?
The major activities of TVTAY can be grouped into
three viz: education, primary/community Healthcare and Environmental
How would you
define your approach?
TVTAY approach to community activities is inspired
and flexible to correct many wrong impressions of our youths and teenagers due
to various mind-disabusing programmes organizing for the social groups to
instigate societal sustainability and community growth.
What projects do
you carry on in regards to gender egalitarianism?
TVTAY is always on the verge of organizing debate
and other activities such as physical competitions which involves both parties
so as to be able to clear the status and wrong view of people in the community
that only male youths or teenagers are capable of doing some things in the
This idea is used to promote a better
understanding of what is lexicographically called “egalitarianism”.
Do you cooperate
with local authorities and institutions? If yes, how?
Definitely, there is no how TVTAY Wellbeing
Initiative will not co-operate with local institutions because this is the only
avenue that can quickly allow youths and teenagers to come together for
societal advancement.
Although concerning the issue with authority, many
of our programmes will always seek this. We have anchored community health
programme in more than two local governments and there is no way our
organization will not seek their consent as the local authorities so that
security and other assistance if not financial can be granted at ease.