Facts, instead of the diffusion of political fake news!

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht
vom Hochblauen,
19th of April 2017, English translation by Milena Rampoldi,

Again these days, where the Jewish Passover
celebration almost coincides with the Christian Easter, the international
values hypocrites use fake news to hide their mistakes and the bombs violating international
In this case it is useful for politicians,
churches, and media to have an enemy image they can work on together. And this
enemy image is “Islam” and the “Muslims” against whom prejudices and fears are
created. And all the time it is “Islam” and the Muslims who are regularly
connected to “terrorism”. Who wonders if in the German/European population
hatred against Muslims increases? 
What the Jews were in the past, today Muslims
and Islam are. 
Can this kind of politics where Western values
politicians whitewash the state terrorism against Muslims, masked as “defence
from terrorism”, last for a long time? All is authorised, because we are the “good
ones” defending “our” values, while “Islam” and Muslims murder barbarically!
What a horrible “order of values” turning all
upside down what makes up real values. Since a long time German politics have abandoned
peaceful values. However, these values are always indicated by politics when it
is about the implementation of more than questionable objectives suggesting us
that only “our” way of life is the ONLY  right one.
This kind of colonization of the “Christian-Jewish
community of values” has already caused so much sorrow to mankind. It does not
distinguish itself from the previous crusades but it is technically more
elaborated and more efficient and adapted to the contemporary epoch.
Hypocritical “Christian” German politicians,
from Merkel to von der Leyen, try to justify and legalize the US aggression
against Syria violating international law. Our minister of war put herself in
the frontline by supporting the US propaganda which grants itself the right to bomb
another country, without research and proofs concerning the alleged poison gas
attack. She supports the NATO and Trump. In the Anne Will program of last
Sunday, 9th of April, the minister praised the US strikes and called this
brazen violation of international law a necessary “warning” against Assad.
Fortunately, the former biological weapon experts and foreign politics
spokesperson of the left party Die Linke van Aken was appalled because the
minister applauded this aggression against international law, even if there are
no proofs that Assad committed the offence. This TV program is another example of
the decline of German television culture and its presenters. 
What Miss Will did on that occasion, was to
oppose to ANY kind of clean journalism, when she tried to discredit Michael
Lüders, one of the few competent Middle East experts, by de-qualifying him as a
paid “lobbyist”. However, the “steel helmet Jew” and former Bundeswehr
Professor Michael Wolffsohn, a well-known lobbyist of Israel and among others a
member of the advisory board of Deutsche Bank, the former US ambassador in
Germany, John Kornblum, also a lobbyist for Israel and consultant of financial
economists, law offices, and banks. Politics. (1) (2)
Do we deserve such politicians and presenters
who lie to us in more than controversial talk shows? If German President Steinmeier
attacks the brutalization of the language on the net, he should care about the
brutalization of the language of politicians of all parties telling us fake
news and dismissing us as conspiracy theoretics if we do not accept them as the
Of course, we still have the opportunity to go
to the elections. However, also this “agony of choice” is getting more and more
difficult because the parties are increasingly resembling each other. And all
resembles the great coalition when also SPD foreign minister Gabriel and the
defence expert Arnold speak up for the US aggression against Syria, violating
international law. From the left to the right, from red to green: there is not
so much the party landscape can offer. Only the brave “old Green” politician
Ströbele condemns the US aggression. (3) (4)
At the moment, German politics offer very few
essential contents, like the woolly statement of the “SPD Shooting Star” Schulz,
who even wants to be congratulated on doing it. Even SPD Federal President Steinmeier
begins to flutter by asking for more German responsibility, also in the
military field. While the Green Party, from Cem Özdemir to Rebecca Harms, wallow
in the anti-Erdogan and anti-Putin smear campaign, Göring-Eckardt has
specialised in waste separation and the elimination of the yellow bag. (5)
Under Trump, the “father of all bombs”, for the
first time in Afghanistan the “mother of all bombs” was dropped. Perhaps, the
Netanyahu regime has already ordered this “mother” at the US Pentagon to
quickly implement the final solution of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and its
Judaization. The Minister of Education and the “Settlements King” Naftali
Bennett has already threatened to commit genocide in Lebanon, and this without
the so loud outcry of the Western world value community staying silent about
it! (6) (7)
Trump seems to have reached  the point to be supported by official
politics; now  “Kosher Nostra” guided by
his daughter Ivanka, the converted wife of Jarred Kushner, the Jewish
son-in-law and main consultant of Trump has taken over the White House. (8)
In this situation the Netanyahu regime can
relax, and praise further US aggressions against Syria or other countries of
the Arabic-Islamic world. This is the only way for the Jewish regime to further
exacerbate the eternal illegal occupation of Palestine and the Syrian Golan
Hills; and in addition, shortly the US embassy guided by the hard-core Zionist
Friedman will reside in Jerusalem as the official “eternally undivided“ capital
of the “Jewish State”.
Again, this year, which will be the fiftieth year
of the illegal occupation of Palestine, the Federal Government will celebrate
the Independence Day, the “Birthday of the Jewish State”, together with the
officials of the Central Council of Jews and the representatives of the “Jewish
State”. This proofs the repeated total failure of democracy in Germany, since
up to now all German governments and politicians of all parties have only
supported the legalization of internationally condemned international law
violations committed by the Zionist occupiers. 
72 years after the liberation of Auschwitz this
is really a shame. 
If the chief rabbi of Tel Aviv, Lau, misuses the
holocaust to distract from his own crimes, this is a crime all survivors of the
Holocaust and their descendants should oppose to, instead of defending these
crimes of the “Jewish State”! As long as Jewish citizens do not take their
distance from the Zionist occupation crimes, they will never been considered as
trustful. We need same rights for all: what we pretend from Muslims, should
apply to ALL religions! (9)
While German politicians and the group media
bash Putin and Erdogan, regimes like the ones of al-Sisi, the Saudi Kingdom or
Netanyahu can continue committing their crimes against humanity and putting all
“our” values upside down!
The hypocrisy has taken such incredible forms,
in particular for BDS activists and their supporters, that we have to ask
ourselves how this will go on and end.
Philo-Semite politicians set the tone. And a special
emphasis should be put on the “Philo-Semite Anti-Semite” Volker Beck, who
really seems to smell Jewish hatred and as tracking dog of the Green Party
opposes to all kind of Israel critics. However, this is only possible because
there is no real opposition. Like in the Nazi regime, fear, moral cowardice,
and limitless gutlessness dominate when it is about critics against Israeli
Would it not be adequate to take Mr Beck to the
court on the basis of the article 5 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of
Germany because of his unjustified attacks against the freedom of opinion?
However, in the meantime it seems to be part of
the political tone to silence all honest Israel critics and to try to
intimidate them by defamation.
Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany,
Article 5
(1)   Every person shall
have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech,
writing and pictures, and to inform himself without hindrance from generally
accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of
broadcasts and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship. (…)

Of course this right also applies to supporters
of the BDS campaign and to Israel critics!

More than six thousand Palestinian prisoners are
in arbitrary and unjust detention. Many of them are in administrative detention
without accusation. On Easter Monday, after a call by Marwan Barghouti, the
Palestinian “Nelson Mandela”, 1300 of them started a hunger strike to struggle for
better detention conditions and their liberation. This Palestinian new hope
would be the right candidate for the Presidential Office in a free Palestine! However,
the Jewish occupiers and the “moderate” collaborators and the PA and Abbas would
like to stop him because he would question and challenge their status quo.
Therefore Barghouti must remain in Judaistic detention. For Barghouti
unfortunately there is no lobby and no German politicians or media engaging for
him as they do it for the prisoners in Turkey … and in a particularly
media-effective way for the reporter of the newspaper “Die Welt” Deniz Yücel – no
wonder if we read his fervent article supporting the Israel lobby opposing to
the Germans‘ right to criticize Israel, and as a consequence the right for
freedom of opinion! For his work, Yücel got the Theodor Wolff Prize for Press
Freedom. Remember: If you are supported by a lobby, prizes are distributed like
counterfeit money. However, the numerous Palestinian journalists in Israeli
detention rot down, without any award! (10) (11) (12) (13) (14)
Now, almost every day inflationarily targeted
pro-Israel articles are published in different German media. The voluntarily
hide the word “occupation” and Zionist crimes. Apparently, the more than 45
million US-Dollar spent by the Israeli ministries for the Hasbara propaganda
are worth it. It is understandable that a right-wing regime like the Netanyahu
regime makes use of these methods as there is nothing Zionists fear more than
the truth.
The power of images is enormous in our time.
While fake images of small, probably Syrian children are diffused all around
the world, the murdered Palestinian children never get a place on the cover
page of our brave media. Walter Herrmann, this unforgotten Kölner Klagemauer
fighter for the justice in Palestine, who wanted to remember photos of the Gaza
genocide of barbarically murdered children in Gaza, was brought to justice!
Do not let us permit to substitute the power of
facts with the diffusion of political fake news!
Unfortunately, all is repeated, and about this
matter the poem by Erich Fried Nicaragua is everywhere says it all. 
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
by Erich Fried
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
Dort wo Reagan seine bezahlten
Mörder hinschickt
oder seine Agenten.
Es liegt also in Angola,
wo er mit seinen weißen
politisch verlässlichen südafrikanischen Freunden
die Banden der Unita
bewaffnet und unterstützt.
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
Am Horn von Afrika,
wo er zahlt für seinen Stützpunkt
in Mogadischu.
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
Es liegt in Palästina,
es liegt im Staat Israel
dem er Geld gibt und Waffen
für den Kampf
gegen die Palästinenser
und den er zu seinem Sprungbrett
im Nahen Osten gemacht hat.
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
Nicaragua liegt in Europa
das aussätzig ist
von seinen Atomraketen
und das Kriegsschauplatz sein soll
im nächsten Krieg.
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
Nicaragua liegt in England,
aus dem er Flugzeuge
aus dem er Flugzeuge aufsteigen ließ
gegen Libyen?
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
Es liegt in Libyen,
in Tripolis und Benghazi
auf die seine Bomben fielen.
Wo liegt Nicaragua?
Es liegt überall dort,
wo die Vereinigten Staaten Geheimdienstleute einschleusen
zur Verteidigung der Freiheit der freien Welt.
Und weil Nicaragua überall ist, darum muß man
endlich etwas von Nicaragua wissen:
Daß es in Nicaragua um alle Welt geht,
und dass man Nicaragua überall helfen muß
gegen Reagen und Weinberger und ihre Agenten und Söldner
und nicht vergessen soll, dass der Internationale Gerichtshof
im Haag die Vereinigten Staaten verurteilt hat
als Angreifer und als Verletzer des Völkerrechts,
als das, was man Kriegsverbrecher genannt hätte und
Friedensverbrecher, wenn die Vereinigten Staaten
etwas kleiner wären und nicht so mächtig.
Und weil Nicaragua überall ist, darum stehen die
überall, wo sie für Nicaragua stehen,
auch für sich selbst und ihre eigenen Kinder,
für ihr Leben und gegen ihren Tod.
Und wer in Deutschland am Leben bleiben will,
soll bedenken:
Nicaragua liegt in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland,
die alle Hilfe für Nicaragua gesperrt hat,
die aber Geld schickt an die Mörderbanden der Contras.
Nicaragua liegt in Deutschland, das Asylanten
In ihrer Herkunftsländern abschiebt zu Tod und Folter
Als wären noch nicht genug Todestransporte gerollt
über deutsche Geleise
zur Erledigung jenseits der Grenzen.
Erich Fried
Zur Zeit der Verleumder
Sie nennen mich
Verräter an meinem Volk
Sie nennen mich
Jüdischer Antisemit
weil ich spreche von dem
was sie tun in Israels Namen
gegen Palästinenser
gegen Araber anderer Länder
und auch gegen Juden
die totgeschwiegen werden
Später einmal
werden Juden die übrigbleiben
wenn dieser Wahnsinn vorbei ist
zu suchen beginnen
nach Spuren von Juden
die nicht mittaten
sondern warnten
So haben Deutsche gezeigt
nach dem Untergang Hitlers
auf Deutsche die tags zuvor
noch verfolgt wurden oder getötet
Die sollten nun Zeugen sein
daß Deutsche auch anders waren
Ob dann ein Wort
noch nachlebt
von meiner Warnung
Wichtiger aber:
ob dann in Palästina noch Juden leben
entronnene jener Vernichtung
die sie selbst herbeiführen halfen
durch ihr Unrecht
zu meiner Zeit?