What Zionists and Trump have in common: they cannot stand the truth!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 1 March
2017, English Translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. The unique in the
world State which calls itself the “only democracy in the Middle East” and
which since 1967 has been imposing military occupation on
Palestinians with a system of illegal settlement policies and
colonisation has continuously sought to emulate other  dictatorships such as North Korea. However,
at least, North Korea does not claim to be the “only democracy” in Asia!

as “involved“ people we have long known how the “Jewish State” uses violence
against human rights activists
and organisations who are
critical and tell the truth about its human rights and international law
violations. The way the “Jewish State” treats Jewish and foreign human rights
organisations should prompt us to ask ourselves: How long should we accept our
tax money being used to support the maintenance of this Zionist occupation and
oppression? And how long should the double standard apply for the “Jewish
State“? The “
particular” relationship must finally be normalised!
should we react to the fact that German banks, under the threat of pressure
from outside, cancel accounts of Jewish groups only because  they support the legal and non-violent BDS
campaign? Jewish activists are denigrated by the representatives of the “Jewish
State” as traitors and Capos! It is simply outrageous and unbearable that today
again and again Jewish activists are denunciated by the Israel lobbyists and
their political and “Christian-Jewish“ helpers as “bad Jews“. They are
prohibited from speaking because the Israeli campaign journalists make sure
that German politicians and bankers are
opposed to BDS
supporters and Israel critics. On the other hand, all politicians and
supporters of the “Jewish State” are guilty because they defend an illegal
occupation policy violating international law!
the meantime, Trump again and again goes away from the democratic rules of the
game in the USA. After his lost court decision, he tried to impose an even
harder entry ban against Muslims (let us hope that his jurists will not
succeed!). In his dangerous national-socialist world order Muslims are divided
into not convenient and convenient Muslims according to the principle: “We
determine who is a Muslim, and who is not!” And the “Jewish State” and the
Israel lobby follow the same patterns; to critics entry stops and deportation
are imposed. And also Jews, if they criticise Israel or support the BDS
campaign, are divided into “good” and “bad” Jews.
collision course started by the Netanyahu Regime also against U.S.
organisations and U.S. citizens, and actually against Human Rights Watch (HRW),
proves only how safe this regime feels, reinforced by the support of the Trump
Administration. A particularly blatant case is the one of the regional director
of Human Rights Watch, U.S. citizen and Muslim Omar Shakir being
entry permission toIsrael. This case is a new dimension of the
internationalisation of the Jewish occupation regime in its struggle against
the U.S. human rights organisation.
the letter published by the Israeli Immigration Office about HRW, HRW is
accused of being in the service of Palestinian propaganda while mendaciously
working under the flag of human rights. (1)
speaker of the Israeli Foreign Ministry called HRW an “
while HRW referred to the fact that it had just written critical reports about
the Israeli human rights violations, but also about Hamas and the Palestinian
Authority of Abbas.
this point of view, the “Jewish State” is seamlessly integrated in the list of
countries, from North Korea to Sudan and Uzbekistan, also refusing working
permits and visas to international human rights organisations. Also the “Jewish
State“ violates all the democratic rules it never complied with. HRW works in
more than 90 countries all over the world. This shows that Zionists are afraid
of the truth proving their human rights and international rights violations.
creative artists in the “Jewish State” have for a long time been persecuted by
the Netanyahu regime and the Ministry of Culture’s Miri Regev. They face the
threat of not getting subsidies if they do not parry, or if they refuse to
perform in illegal settlements to entertain settlers.
Regev started a cultural war against artists and famous Israeli artists like
Davi Tartakov who call the “Jewish State” a fascist country, the Netanyahu
regime and its right-wing minister go on with their fascist laws and methods.
The Ministry of Education’s Naftali Bennett even put the recommendable book
Borderlife by Dorit Rabynian on the index and prohibited for
discussions in class because  it talks
about the love of a Jewish woman towards a Palestinian. Of course, Bennett
considers this reprehensible because it promotes the assimilation, and so it is
not acceptable! (2) (3)
the outrageous, right-wing, Zionist, extra-parliamentarian  movement “
Im Tirtzu” (“if
you will it”) wants to strengthen Zionism by offering a free
interpretation of Herzl, by denigrating artists, authors, and intellectuals,
this is more than alarming. Since “
Im Tirtzu” finances
fifteen colleges and is represented at universities in the “Jewish State.” The
organisation is structured like a fascist organisation and has woven its
Zionist spider web. One of the main objectives of „”

is to present the Nakba — the catastrophe of the Palestinians — as a lie – and
for that they should classified as holocaust deniers! As my friend Steve Amsel
says: Zionists do not fear anything more than they fear the truth.
the Israeli veteran organis
ation “Breaking the
Silence” is persecuted by Regev. What happened recently in a small art gallery
in the artists‘ quarter Nachlaot in Jerusalem, reminds me the procedure of the
Israel lobby in Germany! There a representative of “Breaking the Silence”
should make a conference about the anonymous statements of former comrades of
the “Jewish Defence Forces.” It was about IDF soldiers who were not able to
deal with their conscience and the crimes they had committed in the illegally
occupied West Bank and in the Gaza Strip. Immediately Regev requested from the
mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, to prohibit this event in the Barbur Gallery
because the speaker was the member of an “
anti-Israeli” propaganda
organisation spreading lies about the State of Israel and the IDF. Since the
Likud member Nir Barkat could not find any reason, he invented that the
municipality needed these gallery rooms for another purpose and therefore the
gallery should be shut down. (4)
what may be expected from a colonialist Apartheid State, whose leading
politicians, from Netanyahu, Bennet, Shaked to Lieberman, defended the murderous
“Jewish defence soldier“ who assassinated in cold blood a defenceless
Palestinian lying on the ground with a headshot at close range. For this crime,
he has been sentenced by the Israeli Military Tribunal ONLY for manslaughter
for only 18 months, while Palestinian children throwing stones as an act of
desperate resistance are punished more harshly than Jewish murderers! 
Bennett, and Lieberman asked for the murderer’s pardon, and it may be feared
that Azaria will be pardoned after a short time in prison. More than 80% of the
Jewish-Israeli population supports the IDF soldiers and call on these to
immediately kill Palestinians because a “dead” Palestinian/terrorist cannot
kill Jews any more, according to the Mossad principle “Kill as first!” Settlers
from the illegally occupied West Bank came in droves  to free the “
brave” soldier and
per Internet a crowd-funding was organised for the defence of the hero, so that
the parents could afford the most famous lawyers in Israel, Yoram Shettel who
had already worked for the defence of the Ukrainian Demjanjuk, for the
concentration camp supervisor suspect “Ivan the Terrible,” and the most
spectacular case of the “
rapist-President” Moshe
Katzav. Azaria was even acclaimed as man of 2016. All this only shows the deep
abasement of morality of this Jewish occupiers‘
was just the prelude, since when the Belgian Prime Minister Michel was visiting
Israel, he “dared” to meet representatives of civil society, of B`Tslem and
Breaking the Silence. For Netanyahu the red line was crossed, and he summoned
the Belgian Ambassador on the grounds that Belgium had to decide if it would
like to maintain the “
anti-Israeli line.” Such a
meeting organised by Merkel with the NGOs in the “Jewish State” would never be
possible or desired! (5) (6)
the Netanyahu regime is working on a law tightening, that obliges Israeli
organisations which receive donations from abroad, to publish this in their
budget every three months. This concerns in particular the left-liberal human
rights organisations, in contrast with the right, subsidised organisations.
Also the European government leaders like the British Theresa May and the
Belgian Charles Michel, were called to do anything within their power to dry
out these NGOs.
would it be if Jewish organisations in Germany and Europe would be obliged to
publish their budget every three months and to make public their national and
international donors?
the last edition of “
Spiegel” I was alarmed by the interview with Amos Oz,
who from the German point of view is the second so called peace activist after
David Grossmann, and this gives me serious doubts about a normal “Jewish
thinking.” Oz and Grossmann cannot imagine
living as a
in Palestine/Israel, and this deeply shocks me. And
the frank commitment by Oz that after Trump’s election he wrote a letter to Chancellor
Merkel to tell her that she is the “leader” of the free world, makes simply
stuns me. This Israeli intellectual payed homage to a chancellor who made of
the security of the “Jewish State” a state policy which showed solidarity with
Netanyahu when he committed genocide in Gaza and whose party wants to
criminalise the BDS movement and is overwhelmed with awards and honorary
doctorates by the Israel lobby.
is right when he says that the Hitler-Stalin Pact has brought 60 years refusal
of armament and violence. However, exactly in the “Jewish State” we have been
experiencing 69 years of armament, violence, racism, and militarism. Oz is
right only in one thing: the Israelis did not come as liberators, but as
occupiers. If he still believes in the mantra of the Two-State-Solution because
he cannot imagine a cohabitation in a State as Jewish minority, then we can
imagine how beautiful the new future of Palestine will be under the guideline
of Zionism over the head  of the
Palestinian, local population. It will be the evil and it will be careless of
the suffering of the others!
and Netanyahu both use the vocabulary of totalitarian regimes, they both use
compliant media for themselves, and silence “enemies” of their politics, they
introduce legal entry bans, build walls, and promote racism. So it is time to
be alert. Yes, the “leading media“ are right. Trump is a dangerous
splitter and warmonger. Trump plans the “historical increase” of the recent
military budget of 51 billion Euros, so that America will not just be great,
but also the strongest nuclear power. This should make all his left and right
supporters fear. It is planned to reduce international cooperation, the budget
of the Foreign Ministry and the budget of the Environmental Authority EPA. The
same applies to social support programs! Trump will also frustrate all those
who would like to see him through the Putin glasses, since nothing will change
with Russia. Also for Palestine no hope was born. On the contrary, thanks to
Trump, Netanyahu feels winged to finally feel free to judaise Palestine and to
engage for “
Eretz Israel.”
Chancellor Merkel has reacted with understanding to the request by the Trump
Government to increase the German defence expenses. Germany has to meet its
obligations does Merkel mean? To “lead” the provocations of the NATO in the
frontline or to conduct military campaigns all over the world in order to bomb
“our hypocritical values” into the world, 70 years after the liberation of
am always critical towards media, if they write tendentious reports, or even
worse, if they do not talk about something at all. For what concerns omissions,
the German media are masters. In fact, US media, from New York Times to
Washington Post, are definitively ahead of us in research and  clarification. Fake news media and fake
politicians should be unmasked, since they are the enemies of the people. So
what do Trump and Netanyahu have in common? They are dangerous racists and
militarists, who cannot stand the truth.