Angola police beat and set dogs on protesters

March 11, 2017

The Angolan government should urgently and impartially investigate police use of force to disperse a peaceful protest in the capital, Luanda, a rights group says.

Police beat activists with batons and injured at least four protesters using police dogs.

“The Angolan authorities are responding to peaceful protests with batons and police dogs,” said Daniel Bekele, senior Africa advocacy director at Human Rights Watch.

“The government needs to investigate the police crackdown on protesters and hold those responsible to account.”

On February 24, about 15 people gathered at 2pm in the First of May Square (Largo Primeiro de Maio) to call for the resignation of territorial administration minister Bornito de Sousa. He is second on the list of candidates for the ruling Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and would become vice-president if the MPLA won the elections in August. Because he is in charge of the voter registration process, the protesters fear he could manipulate the election.