Drug war shapes elections

February 17, 2017

The drama preceding Kenya’s upcoming elections has taken a bitter twist after the ruling party declared war on drug barons and anyone connected to the underworld.
The move follows the recent extradition to the US of alleged drug kingpins Ibrahim and Baktash Akasha and their accomplices who are known acquaintances of some opposition party leaders.

The Akasha brothers were arrested after a sting operation overseen by American undercover agents.

And now as Ibrahim and Baktash Akasha wait for their trial, the focus has turned on other suspected drug dealers and how their anticipated arrest would influence the country’s general elections slated for August 8.

It is believed that the drug lords play a major role in Kenya’s politics, both in government and opposition, and some of the leading politicians have been barred by American authorities from setting foot in the US.

Ibrahim and Baktash were lured by undercover agents who posed as drug dealers from Colombia who wanted top grade cocaine.

In a video shot in 2014, the two drug dealers are seen – with a hint of reckless hubris – demonstrating to the undercover agents how potent and pure their product is. In the video, the two confirm to the agents that they could supply cocaine worth $1million.

The American government immediately sought to have the two extradited but the brothers went to court challenging the orders.