Creative Arts Solution Foundation in Nigeria – development promoted by art

By Denise Nanni and Milena Rampoldi,
ProMosaik. In the following our interview with Ayibiowu Olusola E. David of the
Arts Solution Foundation
in Nigeria, using art to positively influence
social life and community empowerment. ProMosaik is convinced of the
fundamental importance of art as a medium to promote sustainable development. 

What are the issues and problems
that brought you to the foundation of Creative Arts Solution Foundation?

It has been in my heart for so long to form an organization like NGO’S.
I started far back from year 2000-2007 running a Studios called Solart Studio
Ent as a studio artist as well as running an association named Art Creative
Solutions with small group of people having it in mind to register as an NGO,
but due to financial constraint this was not done but it was register under
Business Name at CAC Corporate Affairs Commission. For this reason Art Creative
Solutions was
formally founded in 2008 by Ayibiowu Olusola E. David and later upgraded as an
(NGOS) between 2010 and 2011, but was not fully registered as an NGO until the
new name, Creative Arts Solution Foundation was chosen out of all the names I submitted for a search at Corporate Affairs Commission and has been Incorporated
in Nigeria at CAC Abuja on the 10th of December, 2012. 

How can art positively influence
youngsters’ life?

Art could be used as a tool or medium to positively influence and engaged
the young people /Adult in the community through effective Art Workshop/Competition/Exhibition/Seminars
in contemporary art as day to
day activities in our environment to make them focus and smoothly begin to do
thing in a new way and add value to their life for common good of society.

What are the main activities of
your organization?

The foundation Activities are as follows:
• Monthly/Weekly Comprehensive Medical Check-Up
• Health Talk on every Month/Weekly
• Eeco group co for recruiting young people for job in collaboration
with Jobberman
• Daily/Weekly/Monthly Art Practices in the studios
• Quarterly Art workshop/Competitions/Acquisition Skill/Sports
• Yearly Art Exhibition/Solo Exhibition/Group/Art Seminar / Art Review
• Campaign/Charity
• Public Safety Research
• Research programs empowerment for women either young women or adult
to promote them in general activities.
• Research Yearly programs
• Monthly free meals to needy

How do you reach youngsters that
could benefit from your activities and how civil society has been responsive so

The foundation normally reached out to young people through its channel
art exhibitions as the attend the exhibitions and also benefits from others
programs we are already doing for their own interests and the Civil society
which is the “aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that
manifest interests and will of citizens the responses so far is alright from now
but it can be more better in the future.

Do you cooperate with local
authorities and institutions? If yes, how?

The foundation cooperate with local authority like Community Development
Association (CDA) in different areas and also join hand together with
volunteers and institutions and Lagos State Government as the foundation sent
application for approval to Lagos State Ministry of Education to organize
students art workshop/competition for the schools in 19th March 2013 according
to the letter for
approval that was given to the foundation but due financially
constraints and inadequate sponsors this program is still pending till
date. Furthermore, in 2015 the foundation wrote another proposal letter
Application for Approval to Lagos Sate Government to do Health Care Program for
the Schools from the ages of 10yr and other target audiences from-51yr and
however the approval was alright but due lack of fund from sponsors,
stakeholders, donation, donors, patrons, to help support this programs
still pending till date but will starts as soon provision is available
for it.

Do you carry out any project to
promote women’s rights and empowerment?

Yes! We have research programs empowerment
for women either young women or adult to promote them in general activities as
part foundation project.