ACDF Nigeria – for active citizenship and sustainable development

By Denise Nanni and Milena Rampoldi,
ProMosaik. The next organization we would like to introduce today is ACDF,
the African Citizens Development Foundation in Nigeria. Would like to thank Otunba
‘Dele Ajayi-Smith for his answers. The main goal of ACDF is active citizenship,
the key to sustainable development supported by quality education.

How was ACDF founded and why is the
promotion of active citizenship its main goal?

Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF) was founded in 1995 and duly registered
in Nigeria in year 2000, London and Wales in 2009.  Building active citizenship is key to
national development since citizens are the major products of every nation and the
driving engine of development, they need to be active to achieve sustainable

How do you select the communities where
you intervene?

has the tall dream to work in the continent of Africa as its territory, but it
started from Nigeria in 1995 with focus in education, agriculture and advocacy
for transparency and good governance.

Which initiatives do you carry out in
order to promote education among children?

Foundation introduce a tuition free secondary education in 1997 to promote quality
education among African citizens irrespective of social class. This also
promotes quality education among the indigent students.

How do you promote the economic
empowerment of women?

subsidiary NGO; ASSEFAD established Assefad-women in Agriculture group (AWA) to
help women participate actively in agriculture and processing of agricultural
produce.  ACDF helps AWA to obtain grants
and loan from donours and development banks.

Do you cooperate with local authorities
and institutions? If yes, how?

and ASSEFAD collaborate with various governments through registration of our members
as cooperative movement for government recognitions and supports. We are
presently working with Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO) to
promote agricultural equipment to enhance value for farm produce and make it
eligible for international markets.