Slum Child Foundation in Nairobi – for children rights

Denise Nanni and Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. In the following our interviw with
the Slum Child Foundation in Nairobi, engaging for children rights. Would like
to thank George Ochieng for his time. 
are the main issues for children living in slums and in what

areas do you concentrate your activities?

Slum Child foundation is a registered NGO working with children, youth

and women in the slums within and outside Nairobi you can learn more


Challenges facing slum children which we are working on too

a. Drug and substance abuse among children and their families

b. Poor health

c. Inadequate education for all

d. School Drop out

e. Poverty

f. Gender based violence

g. Teenage marriage and pregnancies

What is the current situation about school attendance in the slums

where you operate?

The situation is not that good since many parents are not able to

provide the needed resources to keep them in school for the free

primary education in public government schools, the rich take their

children to private schools, and since in the slums they are poor,

they are forced to get low quality education.

A lot of people are hopeless and they have transferred this to their

children so as much as they are going to school they keep on asking

themselves that as much as I go to school what will I get out of it,

those who have gone are still living in the slums, our organization is

playing a key role to ensure we make them understand the importance of

education in their future life, especially me who was born and brought

up n Korogocho slum and the achievement that I have made, in short am

acting like a role model.

What are the factors that brought substance abuse to be one main

issue among children in slums?

Family break up, Hopelessness in life, the level and the kind of

poverty these children are in, Coping what parents are doing, others

say that they are stressed because of the poverty situation that they

are in, peer influence and pressure.

In what ways do you address prevention and rehabilitation?

do a lot of school outreach program within the schools in and

outside the slums where we address the challenge of prevention and

offer counseling.

On the counseling bit we do it in schools and out of the schools,

actually today when I reported to the office I was able to handle more

than ten cases of children who have messed up with their lives during

the last festive holiday and their parents knew I was the only source

of hope to them.

After the counseling session there are those we refer for

rehabilitation to the nearby rehabilitation centers around and if we

are able to offer support we do, but since it is expensive we only do

a few, a 3 months rehabilitation cost around USD
4,000 residential.

Do you cooperate with local authorities and institutions? If yes, how?

We do cooperate with local authorities; we work with Ministry in

charge of children affairs at both the grass root and sub county


We work with Ministry of education for our entire school outreach

program and if there is something we cannot do we ask the ministry to


We also work with NACADA the coordinating agency in charge of

substance abuse in the country and the most recent one was being

invited as a key note speaker during International day against drug

and substance abuse.