David Wapner and Ana Camusso – A Man with a House on his Back

By Ana
Camusso, January 2017.
of all there was an old poem I wrote some years ago.  This poem was in
fact short and there was no connection to war, refugees, and do on. It was just
a poem. The real mean of this poem began when I draw it. In the drawings the
city of the man began to burn. From the windows of the beautiful buildings the
fire show up. So immediately I was noticed that the city was under bombs and
the war was anywhere there. So the real story began: a man trying to give
himself another chance. 
A man fleeing from a war. As we are arounded by
countries in wars and people under expulsion, people affected directly by war,
the rest of the story very easily flowed. It was also the story of a man who
does not want to loose his past, his roots, so he keeps his house on his back.
Also because I feel extremely empathy for the demolished houses from all the
wars. Because a destroyed house mean a destroyed body to me. 
So it is also the
story of a man, a house and his destiny. David was very concern to participate
in the doing of this song. In fact he is the musician, not me. I love music but
this song is my first one!. So I composed the music very simple with my basic
knowledge of guitar and David made the final musical arrangement. Also David is
building a little home studio, so we could record the song at home. The song
has three guitars and a forth guitar which is only for musical effects. 
played just one guitar and David plays the other two. Also the song has two
voices effects through digital effects procesors.  I dedicated this song
to my mother who was an argentinian humanist and a philosopher.  My mother
left the country when the military Junta took power in Argentina in 1976. She
lost her house and her so loved library and she was highly affected by it. I
honor her memory with this song. This is regarding to the spanish version who
was the first recorded at home. The second version was the english one. 
is the main voice. He loves the anglosaxon trovadors and jugglers and rock and
folk singers. He has those musitians inside himself, and for him it was very
natural to sing as he did in his interpretation. In the english version there
is a melancholy and sorrow which is not so present in the spanish version.
Hope all people could sing this song, and feel empathy for those who under hard
circunstances have to emigrate to another country, and their life keeps on