The Amman Centre in Gaza

by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik.

The Amman Centre in Gaza seeks to help and empower
needy people and marginalised families to improve their educational,
economic, social, and psychological condition with comprehensive
developmental programs through the following sections:
Care and
Hifz Quran
The Centre seeks
to achieve its goals through cooperation with international and local
organisations that enable it to carry out many projects for which it provides
funds. The general aim of such projects is to enable the targeted people
integrate into society by being helpful and influential individuals. 
The Centre Target the Following Groups:
Students in need
of sponsorship to get better education.
Needy families
based in the Palestinian Territories, and
Marginalised and
poor families in Palestine. 
centre objectives
Improve the lives
of orphans, the needy, and their families by offering them social, preventive
and curative services in conjunction with consultations that help to solve
their problems. 
Instruct the
members of the target groups and direct them to the optimum methods in dealing
with their social problems.
Provide social
and advisory services to orphans either in a personal interview or by phone.
Make developments
of practical knowledge for those marginalised groups through research and
studies related to the field of social problems.
centre-related services to orphans and their families.