Donald Trump caught using neo-Nazi propaganda

by Robert Sobel, July 05, 2016.

In yet another example of finding himself in controversy,
the billionaire real estate mogul has been accused of an anti-Semitic
attack against Hillary Clinton

While the Trump
campaign denied any wrongdoing, new reports show that the propaganda
used was actually created by a neo-Nazi group.

Trump’s low blow

With the Republican and Democratic conventions scheduled for later this month, the Trump-Clinton match-up has kicked into high gear. On Saturday morning, Trump continued his assault on the former Secretary of State on his official Twitter account.
An image of Clinton was shown, standing in front of a pile of money.
Next to her was a red “Star of David,” which the words, “Most Corrupt
Candidate Ever!” written on the right hand side. After instant backlash,
the image was taken down, re-edited to remove the star, which was then
replaced by a circle, and quickly re-posted. 

As The Hill reported on
July 3, the image was lifted from a controversial neo-Nazi website.

Originally reported by Mic on Sunday, the image in question appeared
on the neo-Nazi message board known as “alt-right,” which is the home
for other white supremacists and anti-Semites. Campaign members and
prominent Trump supporters denied the allegations, claiming the image
was just a “simple” sheriff’s star.

“It’s the same star that sheriff’s departments across the country use
all over the place to represent law enforcement,” former campaign
manager Corey Lewandowski said during a Sunday interview on CNN.

Election fever

The 2016 general election is expected to be one of the most
controversial in recent memory as social media and the internet has
expanded, giving more Americans the ability to voice their opinions than
ever before. Despite the criticism around Trump, he only trails Clinton
by less than five points in the latest Real Clear Politics rolling
average, sitting at 44.8 percent to 40.3 percent. 

While Trump has
narrowed the gap, he’s expected to fall further behind following the
conclusion of the Democratic primary when Bernie Sanders officially
exits the race.

SOURCE: Blasting news