Khartoum protest: Woman suffocated by teargas

 May 23, 2016.

A woman died on
Thursday due to suffocation by the teargas riot police used to
disperse demonstrators in El Jiraif East, a neighbourhood in northern

Hundreds of residents
went out on the streets on Wednesday morning to demonstrate against
the removal of historic brick factories and the removal of their
houses. They burned tires and blocked the main road. The police used
large amounts of teargas to draw back the protesters.

Two demonstrators were
seriously wounded when the riot police fired live ammunition at the
The police also used
teargas in the residential areas, and a witness said that some
residents fainted because the smoke entered their houses.

One woman, Zeinab Zein
Elnakhali, suffocated in her house and went into a coma. 

She was
transferred to a hospital, where she died on Thursday. 

previously suffered from pulmonary and heart problems.

A listener told Radio
Dabanga that the neighbourhood was the scene of sporadic, small
demonstrations on Friday. Residents piled up tires of vehicles and
burned them on the road leading through El Jiraif East.

The residences and brick
factories have stood in the neighbourhood for a long time and are
considered historical. The Sudanese authorities have sold the plots
to investors, who will allegedly construct modern residences after
removing the factories and the old houses.

The authorities have
planned to relocate the original residents to another area, despite
their claim to have the ownership over their land.

Dabanga Sudan