Poem of the day. Basir Ahang

Redazione Italia, 22 Aprile 2016

This Moment is Mine

This moment is mine
Because of the journey, the discomfort
And all that was but is no more

My footprints trace borders innumerable
From Kabul to Rome,
From Tamerlane to Julius Caesar
Passing through lands stained by Gobineau

This moment is mine
And I give it to my mother
Who embroidered her life’s desires
On scraps of cotton
Only so that my father
Could blow his nose

To my sisters isolated from the world
And to my brothers
Who instead of books

Without meaning to
Picked up guns

This moment is mine
And I will give it to the tears and the screams
Until the reflections, the echos
Wake the deaf, restore sight to the blind
Of my city
This moment is mine no more

It’s time to go

My turn has come to tell of the wandering waters

Of the Mediterranean

So that my footprints would become uneresable