Hunter: a Project between Poetry and Art

Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik e.V.
– In the following I would to introduce you to a very
nice project, at the interface of poetry and art. The promotor of this project
is the poet Marc Tarrus i de Vehí who also participated in our arts and poetry
project CARA
. Here
you can read the interview ProMosaik e.V
. did with him.
Marc is
a poet and neo-romantic writer by the distorted view of their worlds and
unbridled passion that clearly pervades his work. The poetry of the author is
intimately linked to the events of the novel that bears the same name of the
basis idea of Catalan Hunter project consists in the creation of the
Neo-Romantic generation as the new icon of universal culture. A universal
culture that wants to reflect the work of the poets of the world, in artistic
reinterpretations by all forms of art. So there is a strong connection between
poetry, and art. And what is important is the universal language of all kind of
art which goes beyond any border.
As it
says on the website
of the project
reasons that Tarrús wields to push this initiative arise from the fact
that today, according to him, poetry is forgotten and accurate support from
other artistic disciplines of social interest – painting, music, dance, etc.
-, is needed to try to emphasize Its presence in our society.
project wants to be, in short, a tool of cultural motivation: poetry and its
transformative power. In recent months, Catalan Hunter poetry, has inspired some
70 artists to create paintings, jewelry, songs, designs…
defines this project as ” Art colliding spheres model”, which tries
to create synergies to make tangible and accessible poetry”.
ambitious aim is to expand the network of partners and “to create a
cluster of artistic, poetic and cultural world”. His work has aroused
interest in Portugal, Poland and Russia. Countries which we hope will be
working soon.
his poetry and trilogy – novel-, explains, extensive and widely, the
past, present and future of Catalan Hunter.
of Marc Tarrús  – english- catalan-
Friend’s flame
jumps hard
through the mysteries of the dense night.
The fire neither sings nor burns,
the eye that looks blind.
There are no longer songs of the living
calling the dead,
since, finally…,
I am in the midst,
of large flaming torches.
Flama d’amic
salta amb força
pels misteris de la densa nit.
El foc ni canta, ni crema,
ni tampoc,
a l’ull que el mira encega.
Ja no hi ha cançons dels vius
que cridin als morts,
car, finalment…,
em trobo enmig, 
de grans torxes de foc.
El teu pianista
Llisco les mans
per les notes de la teva pell.
amb suau punt distal,
el foc del teu ritme intern.
Vull trobar la fresca maragda,
més enllà del so antic que l’amaga,
per fondre’m
en el teu verd d’esperança.
Sóc el pianista de cor,
el pianista que interpreta el teu amor.
Your pianist
I slide my hands
on the notes of your skin.
I ignite,
with tender distal touch,
the fire of your internal rhythm.
I want to find the fresh emerald,
beyond the old sound which hides her,
to melt
into your green of hope.
I am the heart’s pianist,
the pianist which your love performs. 
Hunter collaborating artists who have created an artistic work from a poem by
Marc Tarrús.
Vilar, Albert Diaz, Alexandre Trabal, Alsu Ucharova, Angie López,
Anita Diamond. Anastasia Sharshova, Anna Gainza Agustí, Ania Laga, Ariadna
Raventós, Barbara von Stackelberg, Carme Galí, Carlo Bottoni, Carlos
Fierro, Col·lectiu artístic: I TOO AM (Boris Zapata, Laia Pol, David
Blanch i Mireia Pol), Constantin Tushinok, Daniel da Silva, Emilia de Cabrera,
Elda Ruiz Aranguena, Emili Jóse Pérez, Elisabeth Alba, Emma Gort (artista
junior), Eugenio fuentes, Eva Riu, Francesc Casas, Growthobjects, Inés
Serras Vila, Jep Cua i la banda (Guitarra i veu: Jep Cua; Baix elèctric: Jordi
Bonet; Bateria: Joan Morales; Guitarra solista: Hèctor Núñez), Josep
prats,Josep Perpiñà, José López, Jordi Renart Roca,RenArt, Josep
Renart, Jordi Rodríguez-Amat, Katia Gort (artista junior), Laura Sogues,
Miriam Laga, Luisa Paz Montenegro, Mariona Fàbregas, Lluis Batallé, Mar
Batallé, Olga Pardo, Joanna Vilalta, Marta Contreras, Montse
Rocabert, Narcís Coderch Quintà, Nausica Masó , Nora Salvat, Núria
Bolívar, Nuria Rodriguez Cano, Núria Lacambra, Núria Pujol, Pau
Morales Albert, Elara Pi, Rosa Brugat Batlle, Rosa
Ciurana, Roser Martínez Joieria Creativa, Icli Zitella, Josep Viader,
Serina Maio, Maria José Aldana Rojas, Patricia Pla, Mariano Cano Bachiller,
Blau Gris infinit, Matilde
Obradors Barba
, Mireia
Genollà Olea
, Montse Bote Paz, Adriana Rafart, Lotus Rouge,
Here in
the following images to get a visual idea of what Hunter means to us: