2-year-old Palestinian hit by Israeli army jeep north of Jerusalem

Ma’an News, Nov. 15, 2015.

(Ma’an) — A Palestinian toddler sustained head injuries on Sunday
afternoon when he was run over by an Israeli military vehicle in the
village of Bir Nabala northwest of Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority
Ministry of Health said.The ministry said in a statement
that two-year-old Adel Khader Shahin from Bir Nabala was evacuated to
the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah for treatment. The statement
did not provide details on the toddler’s condition.An
Israeli army spokesperson said that she was aware of “a minor car
accident” involving a military jeep outside Ramallah, but was unable to
confirm whether anyone had been injured.The spokesperson said that the incident was an accident and had not been intentional.Israeli
military jeeps regularly patrol Palestinian roads through the occupied
West Bank and are not subject to traffic regulations. There have been a
number of cases where Palestinians have been hit by them — both
intentionally and by accident.In one well-documented case
in June, a military jeep crushed a Palestinian who the army alleges
attempted to throw a Molotov cocktail at it. The Palestinian was left to
bleed to death for three hours before the army allowed the jeep, which
had flipped over, to be removed.More recently, video footage
was widely circulated last month showing a military jeep purposefully
ramming into a Palestinian man during clashes, before soldiers
disembarked and detained him.