This is Hebron, under Israeli Occupation

See a week of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank town of Hebron.
Source:  TTT001
Dangerous tourists
Extremist Jewish French tourists destroy goods of Palestinian shop keepers in Hebron (20 August 2015).
Denial of free movement
Israeli soldiers stop Palestinian boy from riding his bike on Shabbat (22 August 2015).
Security risk?
These Palestinian children were stopped at a check point and their baby carrier searched (20 August 2015).
Hebron rally for hunger strikers
A woman in Hebron holds a photo of Mohammed Allan, a Palestinian
hunger striker, at a large protest against Israeli illegal
administrative detention (20 August 2015).
Slap in the face
8-year-old Mustafa was hit in the face by an Israeli settler while
sitting outside his home. He was then detained for 40 minutes by Israeli
forces. However, the settler was escorted to his house by soldiers (19
August 2015).
Family affair
A Palestinian father and daughter prepare for a nonviolent
demonstration supporting Muhammad Allan, who was on day 63 of a hunger
strike in Israeli administrative detention (19 August 2015).
Engaging smile
Achmad, a Palestinian boy in Hebron, holds the cell phone of a CPTer. Who can resist such an engaging smile! (20 August 2015).