Shoeib Ahmadi: Iranian Artist in Turkey

by Milena Rampoldi and Aygun Uzunlar, ProMosaik e.V.
We are convinced of the importance of artistic expression for intercultural understanding and interreligious dialogue. In the following we are introducing you to the Iranian artist Shoeib Ahmadi who just did an exhibition in Istanbul. Our Turkish coordinator Aygun Uzunlar went to the exhibition and took the pictures for us. He also talked to the artist.

Shoeib Ahmadi was born in Miyane, Iran, in 1963. He started his artistic work when he was 16. He studied arts in Iran, after having been discovered by the Iranian artist Jafer Petger. Since 2002, he has made his exhibitions in Turkey.
Art is a universal language to express particular cultural and religious aspects of life. I think that the paintings by Shoeik Ahmadi are a joyful way to see how arts can build bridges between peoples and cultures.