The Silent Suicide of Yemen – A Comment by Abdulaziz Atieq

Dear all,
Today I would like to introduce you to a short comment by Abdulaziz
Atieq, a Yemeni English teacher and Islamic expert living and teaching in
Malaysia. I have asked him to give us an overview about this silent war in such
a poor country.

Sometimes ProMosaik e.V. had published photos to show the disaster going
on in the country where Sunni and Shii Muslims have been killing each other for
months now. Now I would like to give the word to Abdulaziz Atieq. His comments
show us so clearly that there is no religious war there, but economic war… war
for power in the region. As a proverb says: The human being finishes, where the
soldier begins. And in Quran 5:32 it says:
if you kill one man you kill all of humanity.
For me personally, the war in Yemen is a geopolitical genocide, and
internally speaking a suicide of two brothers.
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Dr. Phil. Milena Rampoldi – ProMosaik e.V.
Ex-president decided to wage the war in Yemen to revenge from the 2011
revolutionists. His target was to harm the Sunni party who had led that
revolution. Many internal and external powers ignited its flame to reach their
greedy goals. The goals of these powers vary. Some are related to political
revenge, others to sectarian revenge, or to economic and strategic reasons.
The Congress party led by its President, the ex-president, decided to
politically and militarily revenge from its opponents who had demolished its
33-year control over Yemen. They made a coalition with the Hoothies, the Rejectionist
Shia group, who agreed to start war. For religiously sectarian reasons Hoothies
accepted the offer. They know that they are a very small minority, but with
this coalition they will be very powerful. The Ex-president supported them by
almost the entire army forces. The Hoothies snatched the chance to revenge from
the Sunni Ikhwani Movement as a whole. They destroyed hundreds of mosques and
Qur’an Schools and arrested thousands of Sunni Scholars and activists. They
controlled the audio-visual official media. They looted the money and the weapons
of the Government.
As to the economic reasons for this conflict, they UN and some regional
powers supported the Ex-President by providing him time and secret support. In
public, they condemned him and his Hoothie allies, but in secret they gave him
light to destroy the Sunni movements. 
Even the Gulf countries cooperated with him so to keep Yemen a poor and
week country, which always needs their support and financial aid. They agreed
with him to the extent to allow Shia control bur it was beyond their plan that
Iran would announce its control over the country, and that this control is like
the control over Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.
Then, the Gulf countries felt the danger of controlling Yemen. As a
strategic country, Yemen is geographically more important than all the other
three countries controlled by Iran. The USA increased this awareness and
awakening of the Gulf countries by signing the agreement with Iran. Therefore,
they decided to stop the Hoothies’ advancement to control Aden which represents
the last citadel of the government. 
To conclude, the war in Yemen is a war of blind revenge. The
Ex-president wanted to retaliate from 2011 revolutionists who dethroned him. So
the Shia group wants to destroy the Sunni group for revenge, and the Gulf
countries want to keep the country weak and poor to control it better.