Seven Years of Free Gaza Movement

by Greta Berlin, Co-Founder, the Free Gaza movement
Editor, Freedom Sailors

Hi all,

In honor of
our 7th anniversary. “Seven years ago, we sailed into the port of Gaza;
exhausted, exhilarated and shocked that we had made it. We had spent over a
month analyzing what we would do if brutally stopped by the Israeli navy. After
all, they were threatening to stop us every day. Then we saw the shores of

“My mum
came to my room with a smile on her face, ‘‘Jamal, the boats are visible on
TV.’’ So I jumped from my bed and asked her, ‘‘When?’’ She said, “It is just
breaking news.” I can’t remember how, when, or why I found myself on a bus
going back to the port with the scouts. I can’t remember how we managed to be
together again going to the Port of Gaza. We all jumped on board different
fishing boats and sailed to the open sea again. There, on the horizon, I saw
three elements: A beautiful sunset, the Liberty, and the Free Gaza. On the east
side of the Port, more and more people from Gaza were gathering. This time,
their disappointed faces were not there. We could hear the people laughing high
and delighted as they strained to catch sight of the boats.” Jamal Al Attar,
August 23, 2008
This is the
day we will never forget; Palestinians waiting for us 44 bedraggled and seasick
passengers. We watched the shoreline of Gaza shimmering in the late afternoon
sun getting ever closer. We were not going to be stopped by the Israeli navy.