Dr. Zambon about Gilad Atzmon (English Version)

Dr. Zambon comments Gilad Atzmon
Good evening
from the editorial team of ProMosaik e.V.,
comment about Gilad Atzmon and the “induced” censoring, after the publication
of the German version of our interview with the ex-Jew (as he calls himself) and
jazz musician, who declares to be against Zionism and anti-Zionism at the same
time… and who is a real scandal for many people ….
In the
following, I would like to present a comment who reached us from his publisher,
Dr. Zambon. I would like to thank Dr. Zambon for his time and his useful

Again it is
a matter of press freedom and the right to criticize, to provoke and also to be
criticized and also to criticize Gilad Atzmon. I think that everybody criticizes
Atzmon in his own way… I also think that perhaps Atzmon likes to be criticized and
therefore he provokes… For me personally criticism is the beginning of a mental
development… this happens if you consider criticism from a positive point of
view and for you the path is more important than the destination itself.  

Best regards
Dr. phil.
Milena Rampoldi – ProMosaik e.V. 

Now, I would
like to give the word to Dr. Zambon:

Gilad Atzmon: a Controversial
There is no
doubt: this guy loves provocation, and uses provocation to open our eyes to
overcome our preconceptions.   
At the
beginning, I read his book with a certain embarrassment, because of two
+ he criticizes
the left wing parties all the time (and I am part of it) and
+ he
condemns the anti-Zionist Jews who use their belonging to Judaism as shield and
justification for their violation (i.e. their Anti-Zionism) against the
established order
But which
left-wing party are we talking about?
There is the
today’s socio-democratic left-wing party (the PD in Italy, the SPD and Die
Linke in Germany) who in general supports Zionism; 
But there is
also a historical communist left-wing party which, because of a wrong political
calculation, supported the “left” Zionists in 1948. (And this happened at a
determinant moment, when the USA had not been sided yet). This
essentially contributed to the military victory of Zionism. But to justify them
I would like to add that at that time the Palestinian elite was dependent from
British Imperialism . … nothing led into presuming that Zionists would ever
conclude a steel-pact with the USA.
You can
agree with Atzmon or not. But I think that all who refuse his “provocations”
and think that they should disassociate from him publically, in the end just
proves their arrangement with the political visions of the today’s ruling class,
which is imperialist and sanguinary.