How to Comment Netanyahu’s Victory? — Paul Eisen’s Comment

Hi all,

yesterday I really hoped Israel will change… not much… but at least a bit… but no…. the Israeli “Democracy” won the elections…. Israelis wanted him….

So what to say… nothing from my side for the moment,…

I would like to give the word to my Jewish friends today….

First please read Paul Eisen…..

Dear Milena
You ask me to make a statement on
Netanyahu’s victory in the Israeli elections.
Well, I could do no better than to say what
Gilad Atzmon said on the matter as recently posted on my blog.
Still, allow me to add my own comment that
your readers should neither be surprised nor disappointed.
Not surprised because, despite its
detractors, Israel is indeed a democracy – albeit only for Jews – and the
victory of Netanyahu truly represents the will of Jewish Israelis
Jewish supremacists and their many
non-Jewish functionaries get a bit cross when I and others compare Zionist
Israel to National Socialist Germany. “Unfair!” they scream. Yes, it is indeed
unfair – unfair to National Socialist Germany! After all, despite the obvious
huge popularity of Hitler and National Socialism in Germany, there was a degree
of coercion to support them. Not so in Zionist Israel. Netanyahu and his
eliminationist policies towards the Palestinian people are clearly supported by
a majority of Israelis – and secretly supported by very many more.
And disappointed? Well, after all these
years, anybody who is still fooled by Israel’s eternal good cop/bad cop routine
deserves everything they get. The only difference between Netanyahu and his
‘left-of-centre’ (what a foolishly anachronistic notion this left/right divide
is!) opposition is that while Netanyahu is honest enough to call for open
enslavement of the Palestinians, the opposition simply wants to bamboozle them
into going into the cage quietly. As I always say “You know, I’d rather have
tea with Avigdor Lieberman any day of the week.
Anyway, enough from me, now, over to Gilad: