Something – by M.R. Burch for the mothers and children of Gaza


for the mothers and
children of Gaza

Something inescapable is lost—
lost like a pale vapor curling up into shafts
of moonlight,

vanishing in a gust of wind toward an expanse
of stars

immeasurable and void.

Something uncapturable is gone—
gone with the spent leaves and illuminations
of autumn,

scattered into a haze with the faint rustle of
parched grass

and remembrance.

Something unforgettable is past—
blown from a glimmer into nothingness, or

and finality has swept into a corner where it

in dust and cobwebs and silence.


About this poem the author told us: I wrote this poem as a teenager. It was the
first poem I wrote that doesn’t rhyme.

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Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi
Editorial Teeam of ProMosaik e.V.