The Parrot, the Dove, and the Crow: A Multicultural Fable by ProMosaik

Milena, Leyla, and Sarah Uzunlar

The Parrot, the Dove,
and the Crow
A Multicultural Fable

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Once upon a time there was a colourful parrot which loved to fly around
the forest. He loved to talk to the other animals by telling them funny
One day a white dove came to the forest. It was new, and did not know
anybody in the forest.  

So the parrot thought: I will talk to this new, strange bird. It flew
down from the tree and sat on a branch. When the dove came, it said: “Hello, new
bird, what kind of bird are you?“ The white dove answered: “I am a dove… and
I am white and very beautiful“.  
At that point the parrot replied: “I am also beautiful. Look at my
colourful feathers! All can see me from afar. And then, I am also talkative and
funny. When I tell my stories, the other animals start laughing“. 
While the parrot and the dove were talking on the branch, another bird
came along. It was a pitch-black crow which had just eaten a worm next to a
fern and started looking up. 

It said to the parrot: “What colourful you are…! Are you sick? Your
feathers have all different colours? What did happen to you?“ 
At that point the parrot answered: “I am not sick. Why should I be sick?
I was born as a colourful bird, because I am a parrot. And the parrots are
Then the dove said: “Look at me, crow! I am white. I have only one
colour, just like you … but I think the parrot is congenial because he is so
colourful. I am happy to see so many birds, all of different colours. Don’t you
think so?“
The crow answered: “I always thought that the most beautiful birds were
the pitch-black crows. But all birds are beautiful: the white ones, the
colourful ones, and the black ones “.
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