Paul Eisen interviewed by ProMosaik e.V. about Palestina and the UK

Paul Eisen talks to ProMosaik e.V.: 
Stop before it’s too late.
This is my message to my fellow Jews.
Hi all from the Editorial Team of ProMosaik e.V.
please read these words from a Jew in the UK, and think about PEACE and how to achieve it.

And look at these pictures commemoration all people killed in Gaza by the Israeli Zionist army.
thank you
Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi
ProMosaik e.V. 

1- What do you think will change in the world order if Western Nations
will recognize the Palestinian State?
As thing are, probably very
little. The entire West is under Jewish political control (which in this day and
age, means Zionist control). Notice how even the opposition is under control.
For example, BDS, the most ‘successful ‘ civil opposition to Israel so far, is
funded  by George Soros, a soft Zionist.
As we say in England, “He who pays the piper calls the tune”
And I think the same is
true for wishful charades like the recent vote in the British parliament.
Firstly, though largely unreported, over half the House of Commons was absent
for the vote, the absentees being mainly Conservative (The ruling party) MPs
and remember, 80% of all Conservative MPs are members of Conservative Friends
of Israel. So the vote in no way represents the opinion of the British
political elites
But even the mainly Labour
and Liberal Democrat support for ‘recognition’ is all but useless. After all,
how many of those MPs who voted for recognition really want true Palestinian
liberation? Did their ‘recognition’ define the borders of this new state and
the borders of Israel? Did it account for the huge Jewish settlements that already
take up so much of any proposed Palestinian state? And what about the Right of
Return, does this recognition of a Palestinian state depend on Palestinians
giving up 78% of their own homeland?
But most importantly, how
will this new state be armed? Will it be able to defend itself or will it lie
defenceless under the guns of the Israeli military? We know who will defend
Israel against Palestinians but who will defend Palestine against Israel?
And who will dominate the
area economically? Judging by Israel’s past intentions towards the
Palestinians, what will Israeli economic dominance mean for Palestinians? My
guess is they’ll be given food to eat, video games to play and work to do in
Israeli industrial parks
All in all, such playacting
such as this ‘recognition’ is simply a new, and more palatable, way of
neutralizing Palestinian resistance and getting the Palestinians to go into the
cage peacefully
2- How important is the recognition of Palestine by the UK?
The real answer to your
question is that yes, this charade of recognition, lulling the Palestinians and
the world into a false sense of progress, IS of huge importance- but only to
Israel and its supporters and then only as a further step towards the final
conquest of Palestine.
3- What do you think will change in the UK society?
Depends what you mean by
‘society’. If you mean the ruling elites, nothing much will change, except for
a token turn in the eternal good cop/bad cop squabble between those who want to
eliminate Palestinians in Palestine completely and those who want them to go
into the cage quietly. But if you mean the ordinary people – well, again pretty
much nothing. The people will continue to do as they are told, except that the
growing resentment against Jewish/Zionist control will grow just that little
bit more, just as it has been doing for years. Will that resentment show
itself? It certainly will and when it does, the results may not be pretty.
Remember, when Jewish power is finally confronted, it won’t be done by nice
folks like you, me and your readers – it ill be done by the mob
whether on the streets or
on the internet
and all Jews, including the
relatively innocent, will pay the price of their leaders’ perfidy
4- Which impact will the recognition of Palestine have for Muslims and
Jews in the UK?
On the surface, relations
between the Muslim and Jewish elites seem good. Underneath, Muslims are
seething with rage, not only about Israeli behaviour in Palestine but also
about Jewish and Zionist influence in western policy towards the whole Muslim
world. So, on the surface, this charade may seem to improve Muslim/Jewish
relations, underneath it will, in the end, only inflame them more.
5- How just and absolutely necessary is the recognition of Palestinian State
for you as a Holocaust-Denier, as you name yourself?
First it’s important that I
clarify my naming of myself as a ‘Holocaust Denier”.
“Holocaust denier” is
usually a term of abuse, used to imply that those who question the Holocaust
narrative are crazy people who believe that nothing bad at all ever happened to
Jews – a bit like ‘flat-earthers’. This is not true of all Holocaust
revisionists and certainly not true of me. 
I do ­not deny that there was a terrible assault by National Socialist
Germany on Europe’s Jews, nor do I deny that many Jews, innocent and guilty,
suffered and died. In fact, the real story of discrimination, incarceration and
deportation moves me far more than the standard Holocaust with its
planned and industrial extermination of Europe’s Jews with its iconic
gas-chambers and magical six million
I am a  Holocaust denier because for me, the
Holocaust narrative as  currently
constructed, maintained and enforced is a godless, idolatrous and abusive
ideology bringing misery to the world and disaster to my fellow Jews guilty and
innocent alike and, as such, I want to put as much distance between it and
myself as I can – so I deny it.
But to answer your
question, of course, the recognition of any Palestinian state, whether real or
a sham, has nothing whatsoever to do with the veracity or otherwise of the
Holocaust narrative which is (or should be) simply a matter of historical
inquiry. After all, what possible relevance is there between hydrogen cyanide
traces in brickwork and what is happening in the Middle East? But, for me as
someone who ‘denies’ the godless, abusive Holocaust narrative, the struggle in
Palestine means a great deal.
Palestinians are by no
means the only victims of Jewish power though, along with the German people,
they are the main and most pressing ones, so obviously any strengthening of the
Palestinian position will weaken Jewish power and therefore weaken the power of
the Holocaust. And conversely any weakening in the power of the Holocaust, must
strengthen the position of the Palestinians. So for me, as a ‘Holocaust denier’
any true achievement of Palestinians’ (or indeed any other victims of abusive
Jewish power) liberation is a matter for celebration – and any false or
obfuscating liberation, as with these recent events in Britain, are a matter
for concern
6- Do you think that a general recognition of Palestine by Western
Nations will stop Israeli violence, or do you think Zionist Israel will start a
new invasion?
The Israelis have shown themselves
pretty immune to world opinion. Of course there are transitory limits and, as
we have seen, the current limits seem to be at about the 2000 plus Palestinian
dead as was reached in the recent Gaza atrocity. Or was it perhaps that, given
Hamas resistance, the limit was the unacceptable Israeli casualties that any
further ‘boots on the ground’ operations would have entailed? However all in
all, Israelis and the Jewish elites around the world that egg them on, don’t
seem to give a damn what the world does or thinks.
By the way, this is a very
common feature in Jewish history. For all our seeming astuteness in maintaining
our survival, we Jews have one fatal ethnic flaw – we never know when to stop.
We are never able to look into the eyes of the other and know when he/she has
had enough.
Stop before it’s too late.
This is my message to my fellow Jews.