When will Israel pay for the children in Gaza?

Please read this one:

And then please, read us!!!!

Shalom, Salam,

we want the same for Gaza children.

We want reparation payments from Israel for all children in Gaza who do not eat enough, and for all the ones who want to  die because they cannot stand their lives, and for all orphans.

And for all in the West Bank!!

And for all victims since 1948!!

Germany financed Zionism …..

and now they go on doing it….

How much of all the money Germany paid for the Holocaust victims really reached these poor Jews who were in the concentration camps? These poor Jews like Dr. Hajo Meyer…. or many others who did never leave the concentration camps alive???

And how much of this money financed the military campaigns of the state of Israel?

Please do not tell me that I am Antisemit…. This is a girl I love….!!!

But who got the money for her????

And who paid for the Israeli war machine????

thank you

Aziza ProMosaik e.V.