The fable by ProMosaik e.V. also in English: The Zebra and the Horses

Leyla and Sarah Uzunlar 

The Zebra and the Horses
Fable about Racism

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Once upon the time there was a zebra which lived with
its family in the savannah and was very happy. One day the zebra played on a
big, green meadow with other young zebras. 
While they were playing, a white horse came along, and
told the zebra:

”Why do you have these ugly black stripes? Why don’t
you take them away, so to become a beautiful and single-coloured white horse
like me?“ 
Then a black horse rode over, saw the two and said:
“If you take these ugly white stripes away, you will
be nice like me and will become a black, lucent horse“.

The zebra listened to the two reproaches and answered
“Why should I take my black stripes away? They are
very beautiful. 
And why should I take my white stripes away? They are very
beautiful as well. 
Both of you are single-coloured horses: you are white,
because you are a white horse, and you are black, because you are a black
But I have two colours, I have them both because I am a black-and-white
or a white-and-black zebra. 
I won’t renounce neither to my black nor to my
white stripes”.
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