Cat and Mouse – an intercultural Fable by ProMosaik e.V.

Leyla und Sarah Uzunlar

An Intercultural Fable
The Cat and the Mouse

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Once upon a time there was a
cat whose name was Linel. It always splashed around in the garden.
And it was keen
on mice.
So it always tried to hunt
them in the cellar.
But one day it met a particular
mouse, which did not flee from it and smiled at it. So the cat thought: “Is
this a strange animal! Normally mice flee when I come along. And I thought mice
were ugly. But this one is so sweet and so talkative“. The cat doubted. Perhaps
this animal wasn’t a real mouse, since it did not flee and was not afraid of it
at all. Sometimes the cat thought: perhaps it is another animal disguised as
mouse. But they became friends anyway.
They always played on the
meadow and ate mice and cat food together. However, one day the cat thought to
go back hunting. It ran through the cellar window into the big cellar and
lurked. It hoped that soon a mouse would have come out of the holes. Then it
would directly catch and devour it. 

Then the mouse came and asked
the cat: “Why have you started hunting again? We are friends. I thought you
would not hunt mice anymore ….”
Then the cat answered: “It is
true that I hunt mice.. but you are something different.
For me you
are not a mouse anymore.“
The mouse replied: “Of course
I am a mouse. If you do not see me as a mouse, you have to decide: for me as
mouse or against me as mouse“. Then the cat started thinking and moved back into
a corner of the cellar.

Later the cat came back from
the cellar corner and approached the mouse by saying: “We are friends. Our
friendship is much more important to me than hunting and devouring mice“.
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