Behind the Rocket Propaganda – how Military Experts in Israel wirte about Hamas Rockets

Shalam, Salam, Hi all,

here you can see how military experts from Israel describe the rockets coming from Hamas.

They recognise that they are not dangerous from a military point of view because they do not even have a guidance system.

This is reality… as Gideon Levy said…. What should Palestinian do to show us that they exist?

They use rockets….

Now, the propaganda:

Hamas are terrorists…. Rockets kill us…
This is a war against us.

Civilians are the shields of Hamas.

So we kill civilians because civilians in Gaza are the shields and protectors of Hamas.

And so we kill children to protect Israel from the aggressor!!!

And now dear readers, let us go back to reality….


They want genocide … and their objective is ethnical cleansing in Palestine….

Back to propaganda…  This is a small terrorist, ….

 Propaganda 2nd step:

To win a war you have to kill civilians….

And of course, killing civilians mean killing all Palestinian mothers as Shaked asks for…. so no mother, no new terrorists coming!!!

And now I will tell you what JUDAISM says:

If you save one soul, it is the same as if you had saved the whole world!!!

And now I will tell you something, take your IDF T-Shirt off….  stop glorifying sadistic violence against children and turn to God!! Who calls you saying….


Thank you
ProMosaik e.V.