A Fable Against Racism and Apartheid: The Rabbit and the Mouse by ProMosaik e.V.

Leyla Uzunlar

An Intercultural Fable
The Rabbit and the Mouse

ProMosaik e.V.
Once upon a time there was a rabbit.
He lived on a beautiful, green meadow. Around the meadow there was a big wood. The
rabbit read a book on the meadow because he was keen on books. He was the only
rabbit around who could read. 

He had practised reading with
children. They had told him how nice it was to read books and to hear new
Gradually also the other rabbits wanted
to learn reading, so he built a school for rabbits on the meadow next to the
After a while he grew old and faded
his eyesight. So he bought rabbit-glasses.
In the rabbit school the rabbit
children learnt reading and counting.
They also learnt
painting and did handicrafts with the rabbits‘ teacher.

One day a mouse came along the
school. It wanted to ask a question to the rabbits. It asked whether the
rabbits would be able to help it to build a school for mice, since also mice
were keen on learning reading and counting. Also the mice wanted to read new

But the rabbit replied:
”You can study with us! You do not
need to build a school for mice!“
Then the mouse replied:
“But I am not a rabbit, and this is a
school for rabbits. This is not a school for mice. I am a grey mouse and I am
much smaller than you.
And you are a big, brown rabbit”. 

The rabbit said:
“We can study all together in the same school. This will be an animal
school for all animals.
all animals can read, count, paint, and write together.
It will be wonderful.
Every animal tells about its own
world. You can tell me about your world of mice, and I will tell you about the
world of rabbits. And all animals will learn from the others. What do you think?“
“Yes”, the mouse answered, “it is
great! I am calling all my mice now. We will build smaller school desks for
mice. Since rabbits are much bigger than us“.

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