Willkürliche Verhaftung eines Palästinensers, der den Verstoß der illegalen Siedler filmt —- Quo vadis, Israel?

Palestinian arrested after filming settlers throwing stones

17th August 2014 | International Solidarity Movement | Occupied Palestine

Yesterday at approximately 5:30 PM in the old city in al-Khalil
(Hebron) settlers from the illegal settlement of Beit Hadassah threw
rocks and water at Palestinians living on Shalala Street. This is a
regular occurance for Palestinian families living close to illegal
settlements in al-Khalil. The majority of the time the Israeli military
watches from a distance and does not do anything to intervene in the
violence and property damage.

One Palestinian, a 35-year old man, documented the stone throwing
only to be detained and then arrested by the Israeli military. The man
was taken through a yellow gate to an area where Palestinians are
restricted from, where the soldiers pushed him around.
The soldiers threw several stun grenades at Palestinians and
internationals standing behind the yellow gate, trying to document what
was happening through holes of the gate.

Two internationals walked through the checkpoint at the Ibrahimi
mosque and down Shuhada street in attempt to find the Palestinian. A
group of ten solders and an army jeep stood with two Palestinian men,
the man who had been arrested was in handcuffs. A nearby soldier told
the internationals that neither of the men was arrested but they were
only bringing him the handcuffed man in for questioning, to gather
evidence about the settlers who threw stones. After approximately five
minutes the solders blindfolded the Palestinian and started walking with
him to a nearby army base, Beit Romano. When internationals asked why
the man was being blindfolded an Israeli soldier stated, “Because I want

The man was released earlier this morning.