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Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,      
anbei die Pressemitteilung, die uns gerade aus den UK von Seiten der Palestinian Mission erreicht hat.
Es geht um eine Petition an den Premierminister David Cameron, um das Krankenhausschiff der Royal Navy nach Gaza zu schicken. Durch die Unterzeichnung dieser Petition und die Unterstützung dieser Initiative wird es vielleicht gelingen, medizinische Hilfe der UK nach Gaza zu senden. Die humanitäre Lage im Gazastreifen ist nämlich seit den Bombenanschlägen der israelischen Armee gegen die Krankenhäuser katastrophal.
Wir bitten Sie alle um dringende Unterstützung.
Bitte lesen Sie die Mitteilung und klicken Sie auf den Link am Ende des Textes, um die Petition zu unterzeichnen.
Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi
ProMosaik e.V. 
Hier der Grund, wofür Sie die Petition unterzeichnen sollten:
The recent conflict
has seen Israeli forces repeatedly target civilian infrastructure
destroying hospitals, schools, power plants, homes and United Nations
facilities housing refugees. Nearly 1,900 Palestinians have been killed
and almost 10,000 injured, around 80% civilians. 450,000 people have been
displaced and Israel’s attacks have left most of the population without
power or water and lacking the basic medical supplies needed to treat
huge numbers of ill or injured, plunging 1.8m Palestinians towards a
humanitarian catastrophe.
Gaza’s hospitals
have been destroyed and damaged and are suffering severe shortages of
medical equipment, staff and supplies. With nobody allowed in or out and
effective relief being prevented from entering the Strip, Gaza’s hospitals
are unable to cope. The petition, supported by Mr. Morris which has
gained 18,000 signatures, is calling on the UK Government to deploy the
RFA Argus hospital ship to Gaza to assist in their humanitarian crisis.
Mr. Morris said
“Watching the events unfold in Gaza this last month, it is impossible not
to be horrified. We are witnessing a massacre. Without regard for
international law or human life, a powerful occupying nation is
unleashing their full military might against the civilian population whom
they occupy.
Israel’s killing and
maiming thousands of Palestinians and targeting of civil infrastructure,
hospitals, UN shelters, schools and homes is morally unjustifiable and
amount to war crimes. Gaza has already suffered an illegal 7 year long
blockade that Israel administers to permit bare survival but nothing more
and this latest assault has left it on the precipice of a humanitarian
Israel continues to
bombard Gaza and restrict the flow of essential medical supplies and
humanitarian relief. Doctors are operating on floors, people are dying
without treatment and there are severe shortages of staff and resources.
With nobody allowed in our out of Gaza, the situation has become
intolerable and something must be done by the UK Government.
The Prime Minister’s
silence and inaction has been shameful and the UK government cannot
continue to stand by and do nothing. I call on the Prime Minister as a
matter of urgency to use the hospital ship RFA Argus, moored in Falmouth,
to spearhead a humanitarian relief effort for the people of Gaza. She is
uniquely designed for this type of necessity and the British Government
must unilaterally and rapidly deploys RFA Argus to Gaza.”

*The petition to help persuade the Prime Minister to send RFA Argus to
Gaza is linked below:-