Lassen Sie sich nicht manipulieren!!!

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

lassen Sie sich nicht von der Gleichung von Netanjahu ISIS = HAMAS manipulieren.

Und lesen Sie sich bitte diesen Artikel von Samer Badawi … um wieder klar zu sehen, was was ist…

Und vor allem dieser Punkt ist sonnenklar: HAMAS repräsentiert einen Teil der palästinensischen Nation, die sich gegen den Imperialismus und Zionismus zur Wehr setzt. HAMAS ist eine Partei mit einem militärischen Flügel (den man natürlich frei kritisieren kann, wie es auch Badawi im Folgenden macht, was die Methoden angeht, usw.), die vom palästinensischen Volk demokratisch gewählt wurde.

ISIS ist eine (meiner Meinung nach) US- und ISRAEL-freundliche Kraft, die aus dem Nichts kam, um unislamisch und kolonialistisch in EINEM die Region zu destabilisieren, indem sie sie virtuell erobert. ISIS stiftet Unruhe, tötet, teilt… ganz nach dem Prinzip TÖTE, TEILE und HERRSCHE. ISIS ist eine Schande für den Weltislam!! 


Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi
Redaktion von ProMosaik e.V.

No, Hamas isn’t ISIS, ISIS isn’t Hamas

But equating the two is Netanyahu’s latest way of
hypnotizing people into supporting the Gaza war. He gets away with it
because people are afraid that if they challenge this idiotic slogan,
they’ll be accused of ‘defending Hamas.’

Anybody who isn’t a shill for Israel can see through Netanyahu’s new slogan, “Hamas is ISIS, ISIS is Hamas.”
It’s such a crude attempt to brainwash people, to put the most
horrifying image in their minds and associate it with Gaza, thereby
cleansing Israel of those images of Gaza’s agony. Like he’s been doing
his whole career, Netanyahu is insulting people’s intelligence, treating
them like children, selling them the war with a short little singsong
slogan they can all remember.

And he gets away with it, because people won’t challenge this idiocy
for fear they’ll be accused of “defending Hamas.” Well, if anybody
accuses me of defending Hamas in what I’m about to write, I accuse them
in turn of supporting the war in Gaza because they enjoy seeing
Palestinian children killed. One claim is as fair as the other.

A fighter from the Islamic State stands in front of a tank. (photo: Islamic State)

A fighter from the Islamic State stands in front of a tank. (photo: Islamic State)

Just to be clear, I know very well that Hamas is a brutal,
dictatorial organization; the term “Islamofascist” is indeed descriptive
of its character. So in that limited sense, it’s the same as ISIS.

But the difference between Hamas and ISIS in the degree of their
brutality, and in their strength, is so great as to be a qualitative

Hamas is not slaughtering and beheading and crucifying people by the thousands,
it’s not committing gang rape, it’s not massacring people because they
practice a different religion, or a different variant of their own
religion, or because they belong to a different ethnic group.

“Hamas, like ISIS, is persecuting minorities,” Netanyahu said over the weekend. But there are churches in Gaza,
Christians attend them freely, there is a seat in the Gazan legislature
reserved for a Christian – that’s night and day from the way ISIS
treats Christians, isn’t it?

About Hamas’ executions in recent days of some 25 suspected
collaborators, it’s a sickening reminder of this organization’s
ruthlessness – but the fact is that the prestate Zionist underground
organization Lehi, whose military leader was Yitzhak Shamir,  executed many suspected Jewish collaborators.
Both Lehi and Irgun, led by Menachem Begin, also deliberately bombed
crowds of civilians, hid behind their own civilian population, and had
maximalist territorial goals. The Irgun and Lehi, the progenitors of
Likud, practiced what could be called “Judeofascism,” and, minus the
religious fundamentalism, could be compared to Hamas. But like Hamas,
they could not be compared to ISIS.

A fighter from the Islamic State. (photo: Islamic State(

A fighter from the Islamic State. (photo: Islamic State)

If Netanyahu really believed Hamas is ISIS, would he have sent a
delegation to negotiate with Hamas and offer it concessions in Cairo?
Would he have reached a ceasefire agreement with Hamas after Operation
Pillar of Defense in 2012? If Hamas is ISIS, would a “senior Israel
Defense Forces officer” have told this to Britain’s Financial Times in

we can describe Hamas as a much more restrained, much more responsible
organisation than it used to be a decade or two decades ago – this all
in light of their statehood experience. This has made them much more
responsible, much more cautious.

And if Netanyahu thought Hamas is ISIS, would his goal in the current
war, at least until now, have been leaving Hamas severely weakened –
but still strong enough to go on running Gaza and keeping it out of the
hands of ISIS’s global jihadist allies?

Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrate in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, Nablus, West Bank, August 15, 2014. (Ahmad Al-Bazz/

of Palestinians demonstrate in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, Nablus,
West Bank, August 15, 2014. (Ahmad Al-Bazz/

But for all those differences, the decisive one between Hamas and
ISIS, of course, is that Hamas represents a nation under foreign rule,
which means Hamas is fighting a war of self-defense against Israel. ISIS
is trying to take over a nation, or nations, that are beset by civil
war, so ISIS, being the most murderous, totalitarian and feared of any
of the factions, is fighting a war of aggression.

Compare: ISIS is a threat to take over all of Iraq (and maybe later
Syria); Hamas isn’t a threat to take over a blade of grass in Israel.

And there’s one more answer to Netanyahu’s attempt to justify the war
by equating Hamas with ISIS – is the Palestinian Authority ISIS, too?
Is Mahmoud Abbas also ISIS? If Netanyahu can’t deal with Hamas, why
couldn’t he deal with the PA? If Hamas is the problem, why does Israel
maintain a military dictatorship over the West Bank, where the PA has
worked with the IDF and Shin Bet for the last decade to shut Hamas down?

For Netanyahu, ISIS is a red herring, and so is Hamas – Netanyahu is
fighting in Gaza to defend the occupation, and he would fight to defend
it against any Palestinian challenger. Yes, Hamas is an organization of
brutal, ruthless fascists, but so were any number of national liberation
movements – that didn’t make the foreign occupation of their countries
and the wars fought to maintain those occupations any more just. The
slogan “Hamas is ISIS, ISIS is Hamas” is just another cynical ploy by
Netanyahu to blind some people to what Israel is doing in Gaza, and to
intimidate those who see the horror into keeping quiet about it.