Gideon Levy a week ago on Democracy Now

Hi all,
here you are reading the words of Gideon Levy, well-known journalist of
Haaretz, opposing against this blind revenge war against civilians in Gaza.
What he says in his interview with
Democracy NOW, published on youtube
is absolutely rational, clear, and intelligent:

should listen to the enemy, instead of beating and beating.
What do the
people of Hamas ask for?
They ask
for freedom for Gaza.
Can you
recall a more just request than this?
Living in
that unhuman cage which Gaza is produced more violence.
So it is in
the interest of Israel to free Gaza.
Blood does
not solve anything.
Let us find
a just solution for Gaza!
The siege
of Gaza will always push the people of Gaza to the corner of violence, to the
corner of desperation.
cannot accept everything.
Israel is
blind and arrogant, so Levy.
In Israel
there is not a big fear… it is not the second Intifada.
Compared to
the sufferings of Gaza this is a children game.
The old
games go to nowhere… just solve the problem once for all!!
true, and 100% honest.
But the
thing is: we urgently need the government thinking this way.
This war
has to be stopped urgently….
die every day in Gaza. Children die or live without future.
Gaza cannot
develop because it is a cage.
GAZA without conditions!!
comparing the civilians dying in Gaza to the civilians of Tel Aviv, who go back
to their normal life between one rocket and the other….
They are responsible
for the rockets… They are responsible for this desperate people who just want
their freedom…!!!
Thank you                 
Dr. phil.
Milena Rampoldi
Editorial Team of ProMosaik e.V.