An article from South Africa for Palestine

Hi all,

this morning we got this article from a Muslim in South Africa. We have already talked about the support by Nelson Mandela to Palestine and its people. We are very happy that also South Africa after Mandela has not changed! South Africa supports Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom and justice. 

The fight for the Palestinian people is not only a fight against ZIONISM, COLONIALISM, IMPERIALISM, and MILITARISM, but also against APARTHEID. Nelson Mandela has won this struggle and he is our hero.

How profound are the words of the late
Nelson Mandela. It is true, we are not born to hate but born to love. The
people of Palestine are going through such hardships. NO food, clean water or
electricity…NO basic right to live to be free to be happy and protected… They
are being stripped of everything that is dear to them, yet they still smile,
they still love and they are still resisting in hope of a beautiful new future.
A future filled with hope, dignity, security, love and peace.
The people of South Africa agrees strongly
to the wise words of Nelson Mandela….
freedom of South Africa is incomplete without the freedom of Palestine.
It is our fervent prayer that Palestine
will be free. Our hope is that their children will be free to play and be happy,
like all children should be. Our hope is that the mothers and fathers of
Palestine go to sleep calmly and without fear of the next rocket or bomb
hitting their home and destroying everything that they worked so hard for. Our
hope is that they get to see their children and families be happy and achieve
all their successes in education and the goals set for their life.
United we stand for a free Palestine
Farha bint Ahmad from South Africa for
ProMosaik e.V.